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How Many Carbs/Calories and Nutrients in: Cereals

Below you will find tables of how many carbs, calories, fat and most conceivable nutritional facts there are about food in the category: Cereals

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How To Read The Table

"g" is short for gram and "mg" is short for milligram (1/1000th gram). 1 oz./ounce is 28.35 grams. All numbers are per 100 grams of any given item. 100 grams is 3.53 oz. An "M" where there should be a number means the value is missing. The unit is enclosed in parentheses.

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Bread, rolls etc, home-made

DescriptionCarbohydrates (g)Fat (g)Energy kJ (kJ)Energy kcal (kcal)Protein (g)Refined sugars (g)
Bread, 1/2 wholemeal flour, skimmed milk421,49732309,60
Bread, 1/2 wholemeal flour, water40,91,49412228,80
Bread, 1/3 wholemeal flour, skimmed milk43,11,49812329,40
Bread, 1/3 wholemeal flour, water421,39462248,70
Bread, 1/4 wholemeal flour, skimmed milk43,71,39842329,40
Bread, 1/4 wholemeal flour, water42,61,39512258,60
Bread, 100% wholemeal flour, skimmed milk39,81,799023410,80
Bread, 100% wholemeal flour, water37,61,79262199,20
Bread, 2/3 wholemeal flour, skimmed milk421,6100423710,50
Bread, 2/3 wholemeal flour, water39,81,593722290
Bread, 3/4 wholemeal flour, skimmed milk41,51,6100123710,60
Bread, 3/4 wholemeal flour, water39,31,593322190
Bread, 40% wholemeal flour, wheat and rye42,82,610102398,40,6
Bread, 75% wholemeal flour41,42,610182419,40
Bread, gluten free, brown, low fat milk (1,5%)40,31,88291963,24,3
Bread, gluten free, brown, water37,11,47441762,22,3
Bread, gluten free, white, with low fat milk (1,5%)46,329122152,54,6
Bread, gluten free, white, with water43,51,58281951,42,6
Bread, white, with skimmed milk45,5310732549,70
Bread, white, with water43,3310082388,30
Chapatis, made with wholemeal flour40,61,89942359,70
Malt loaf, with raisins55,71,611652757,310
Pizza crust, no filling41,23,49682297,90
Roll, baguette, white, flour with high gluten content51,12,711142637,60,7
Roll, brown 50% wholemeal flour, water39,25,310312458,10
Roll, brown, 50% wholemeal flour, skimmed milk41,75,310992619,60
Roll, brown, 75% wholemeal flour, skimmed milk39,95,410862589,80
Roll, brown, 75% wholemeal flour, water385,410282448,30
Roll, white, 100% wheat flour, skimmed milk435,211032619,40
Roll, white, 100% wheat flour, water40,95,2104424780

Bread, rolls etc, industry made

DescriptionCarbohydrates (g)Fat (g)Energy kJ (kJ)Energy kcal (kcal)Protein (g)Refined sugars (g)
Baguette, white, bake-off, ready to eat50,61,411002609,90
Bread, 16% wholemeal flour, industry made, Mesterbrød45,32,910672528,60,8
Bread, 20% wholemeal flour with whole grains, industry made462,310542499,10
Bread, 30% wholemeal flour, industry made, Norsk fjellbrød39,92,99922359,30
Bread, 60% wholemeal flour, industry made, Birkebeinerbrød42,42,810152408,31,6
Bread, 60% wholemeal flour, industry made, Fiberbrød, Fiberbakst, industry made41,23,2104024610,10
Bread, country, bake-off, ready to eat451,610152408,90
Bread, Kneipp, dark, with 50% wholemeal flour44,22,210402469,40
Bread, Kneipp, industry made42,72,29872338,60
Bread, Kneipp, industry made, Bakers432,810142407,90
Bread, rye, dark, industry made38,73,49922358,80
Bread, rye, light, industry made45,72,610472487,90
Bread, white, bake-off, ready to eat50,21,610982599,10
Bread, white, industry made46,92,910932589,40
Bread, white, round shape, industry made47,53,311172649,20
Bread, white, tin-shaped, industry made46,62,910842569,40
Bread, white, wheat and rye flour, industry made, Husholdningsbrød51,2211062617,30
Bread, wholemeal flour, bake-off, ready to eat41,11,59512258,70
Bread, wholemeal flour, with syrup, industry made41,42,49692298,41,1
Bread, wholemeal flour, without syrup, industry made41,22,59932358,70
Bread,with four grains, industry made, Firkornbrød40,44,810572519,50
Breakfast roll, white, industry made47,56,4126930110,50
Breakfast roll, wholemeal flour, industry made455,1119128211,10
Bun, Hamburger bun49,26,912202896,74,9
Bun, Hot Dog bun51,47,312913067,86,2
Griddle cake, potato, soft39,30,78121925,30
Pita bread, white, industry made42,71,19222187,70
Pumpernickel, wholemeal flour, rye bread, industry made371,68592045,40
Roll, brown, bake-off, ready to eat48,75,312192898,40
Roll, brown, industry made52,23,5123229110,50
Roll, white, bake-off, ready to eat48,33,811532739,60
Roll, white, industry made47,43,411102629,10
Tortilla, cornflour, soft46,27,612572989,40
Tortilla, wheat flour, soft48,37,112472968,40

Breakfast cereals, muesli

DescriptionCarbohydrates (g)Fat (g)Energy kJ (kJ)Energy kcal (kcal)Protein (g)Refined sugars (g)
Breakfast cereal, chocolate flavored83,1216373867,338
Breakfast cereal, muesli, with fruit, nuts or seeds, muesli56,99,51560371103,9
Breakfast cereal, muesli, with fruit, nuts, sweetened665,9158537611,213
Breakfast cereal, puffed oat, type Havrefras636,4157837411,110
Breakfast cereal, puffed oats69,16,5170140314,10
Breakfast cereal, puffed rice85,40,915983766,30
Breakfast cereal, puffed wheat68,52,2159937815,50
Breakfast cereal, puffed wheat, with sugar, honey, type Honni Korn82,51,616253837,434
Breakfast cereal, wheat and rice, type Special K751,7163238515,716
Breakfast cereal, wheat bran, roasted, sweetened, type All-Bran Plus47,44,6142333913,322
Breakfast cereal, wheat flakes, roasted, type All-Bran Regular662,8152236110,620
Breakfast cereal, wheat, barley, rye, oat, no sugar59,23,2139933110,70
Breakfast cereal, wheat, type Weetabix67,42,5152836212,13
Breakfast cereal, with fruit, muesli62,94,614483438,84,3
Breakfast cereal, with oats, fruit, vegetable oil, type Crüsli66,514,218294357,420
Corn flakes81,60,715743717,96,2
Corn flakes, sugar coated, type Frosties860,915993775,224
Wheat flakes, with bran and fruit6621469348919

Cookies, sweet biscuits, rusks

DescriptionCarbohydrates (g)Fat (g)Energy kJ (kJ)Energy kcal (kcal)Protein (g)Refined sugars (g)
Biscuit, cookies, sweet, with chocolate and nuts59,125,320564925,729
Biscuit, cookies, sweet, with chocolate chips and nuts60,716,417654206,137
Biscuit, sweet, filled65,321,220154805,930
Biscuit, sweet, filled with jam or fruit68,99,816283864,644
Biscuit, sweet, for children74,812,518524405,929
Biscuit, sweet, type Gjende65,418,619424636,619
Biscuit, sweet, type Marie7412,818784467,218
Biscuit, sweet, wholemeal flour, type Digestive62,920,319714707,215
Biscuit, sweet, with chocolate, for children64,621,32022482728
Biscuit, sweet, with oats, chocolate covered58,624,220484897,228
Biscuit, sweet, with oats, type Bixit60,919,119184587,725
Biscuit, sweet, with oats, type SIBAS62,218,519094558,113
Biscuit, thin, sweet, with oats6422,420324855,641
Cookies, coconut macaroon4228,519084585,639
Cookies, ginger nut57,721,419054556,811
Cookies, ginger snap72,515,919234575,332,8
Cookies, macaroon with oats58,41517394149,824
Cookies, sweet49,824,118794507,422
Garland cake, Macaroon Wreath cake52,825203048510,647
Rusk, white, sweet57,51116743981410
Wafer, sweet, filled58,130,422025274,535

Crisp bread, crackers etc

DescriptionCarbohydrates (g)Fat (g)Energy kJ (kJ)Energy kcal (kcal)Protein (g)Refined sugars (g)
Cracker, fatty, salted, type Ritz, Seltiner53,523,419504668,65,6
Cracker, low fat, type Frokost75,41,6160337813,60
Cracker, low fat, type Kaptein61,16,4157037214,81,3
Cracker, plain, type Start755,116513909,45
Cracker, type Cream cracker54,616,4175541811,30
Cracker, wholemeal flour, type Kornmo63,512,217304118,714
Crisp bread, wholemeal flour, rye, thin, type Rugsprø, Finncrisp63,61,71457345110
Crisp bread, wholemeal flour, with oats615,31536364130
Crispbread, 100% wheat bran38,53,2130331213,70
Crispbread, gluten free71,16,5160438060,1
Crispbread, wheat flour67,78,51700403110,3
Crispbread, wholemeal flour, rye621,91425338100
Crispbread, wholemeal flour, rye, type Husman63,71,91451344100
Crispbread, with extra fiber43,281459349130
Rusk, wholemeal63,48,71659394110
Taco shells, cornflour5625,220344876,40
Thin bread, hard67,41,2144134010,40
Thin bread, hard, home-made style65,51,6145034310,60
Thin bread, hard, with oats50,94,2134932013,90
Wafers, puffed rice, lightly salted783160938080
Wafers, puffed rice, plain, unsalted783160938080


DescriptionCarbohydrates (g)Fat (g)Energy kJ (kJ)Energy kcal (kcal)Protein (g)Refined sugars (g)
Barley flour60,61,112793028,60
Bran, wheat18,53,4103524915,20
Buckwheat flour, white70,4214073327,10
Flour, 40% wholemeal, wheat and rye60,82136532311,60
Flour, gluten free, mix for bread and cakes841,1148635014
Flour, gluten free, mix for white bread853160437925
Flour, gluten free, mix for wholemeal bread72,52,514283383,54,5
Potato starch80,60139832910
Rice flour79,31,315273607,30
Rye flour70,21,8144734270
Rye, wholemeal57,52,413473199,60
Soya flour23,523,5198047436,80
Wheat flour, 80% extraction63,91,7137932511,80
Wheat flour, high gluten, for white bread70,521462345100
Wheat, wholemeal54,42,41330315130

Grain, rice, pasta, prepared

DescriptionCarbohydrates (g)Fat (g)Energy kJ (kJ)Energy kcal (kcal)Protein (g)Refined sugars (g)
Bulgur, boiled27,74,77431764,30
Couscous, boiled28,657741845,10
Noodles, wheat, without egg, boiled27,74,37251724,70
Pasta, green, fresh, boiled19,34,25851395,40
Pasta, plain, dry, boiled26,52,56321504,50
Pasta, plain, fresh, boiled18,245471304,80
Rice, brown, long-grain, boiled19,50,74211002,50
Rice, white, long-grain, boiled26,40,25121212,90
Rice, white, parboiled, long-grain, boiled21,60,34301022,40
Rice, white, pre-boiled, boiled20,80,1390921,80

Grain, rice, pasta, raw

DescriptionCarbohydrates (g)Fat (g)Energy kJ (kJ)Energy kcal (kcal)Protein (g)Refined sugars (g)
Barley, pearled62,91,113423178,60
Buckwheat, groats60,42135031911,90
Bulgur, dry62,52,3139332910,80
Couscous, dry63,60,6136232112,80
Millet, groats66,62,9145634411,20
Noodles, without egg, dry68,86,2165839312,80
Oats, rolled63,17,8163838911,40
Pasta, fresh, filled with cheese, no sauce, "Ravioli", industry made, raw48,47,4135332113,20
Pasta, fresh, filled with meat and cheese, Tortellini, industry made, raw48,84,11191282110
Pasta, fresh, filled with meat, Tortellini, industry made, raw47,14,6123029113,60
Pasta, green, fresh, raw54,22,3122929011,70
Pasta, plain, dry (macaroni, spaghetti etc.)69,81,3147134711,90
Pasta, plain, fresh, raw56,31,91244294110
Rice, Basmati, dry76,8115043549,20
Rice, brown, long-grain, dry72,8315423649,40
Rice, Jasmine, dry79,50,715053547,50
Rice, white, for porridge, pre-boiled, dry800,615043546,43,6
Rice, white, long-grain, dry75,90,714563437,80
Rice, white, parboiled, long-grain, dry75,71,214743477,70
Rice, white, pre-boiled with 1% salt, dry78,20,214833497,90
Rice, white, pre-boiled, dry78,40,715233598,50
Rice, white, short-grain, for porridge, dry80,50,815163576,40
Wheat grains, semolina6921437339100
Wheat, groats54,42,41330315130

Other cakes etc

DescriptionCarbohydrates (g)Fat (g)Energy kJ (kJ)Energy kcal (kcal)Protein (g)Refined sugars (g)
Brownies, with chocolate icing, industry made54,220,21761421439
Cake, carrot, with icing, industry made50,312,413913313,832
Cake, carrot, without icing42,39,411872826,223
Cake, chocolate, no icing40,718,214973586,819
Cake, chocolate, with icing47,216,515273645,731
Cake, chocolate, with icing, industry made5021,61753419532
Cake, layer, filled with whipped cream and jam29,419,313073135,120
Cake, layer, filled with whipped cream and jam, marzipan covered29,125,215323685,324
Cake, plain, fat reduced48,81013253156,618
Cake, plain, marbled42,618,115273657,122
Cake, plain, no icing, industry made51,62016994064,128
Cake, plain, with apples30,113,710992633,913
Cake, plain, with icing, industry made52,718,216573954,733,5
Cake, soft, with minced nuts39,324,317464189,430
Cake, syrup53,22,311192646,620
Cheese cake, with bisquit bottom24,818,611952874,516
Chocolate cake, high-fat content (coconut fat)24,942,921065084,724
Cream puff, plain, no filling20,230,5165239810,10
Donut, with chocolate icing, industry made33,337,320664976,28,5
Flan case bottom, with minced nuts36,824,216944069,233
Fragipani cake, with apples42,714,113443214,818
Fragipani cake, with minced almonds4722,317844278,428
Macaroon tea cake57,722,519094565,533
Muffin, blueberry, industry made42,320,515843795,523
Muffins, with chocolate chips, industry made43,82216784016,328
Pie, apple24,411,79102182,65,1
Pound cake, Danish type45,423,717384164,926
Puff pastry filled with custard, icing on top27,219,712873095,314
Puff pastry, no filling31,640,421475175,90
Sponge cake, plain47,65,7120028410,129
Sponge cake, with custard, jelly and berries134,44481073,513
Swiss roll, filling made of margarine47,119,916513946,436
Swiss roll, filling made of margarine jelly, industry made51,61716033824,832
Swiss roll, jam filling52,23,611412706,439

Yeast cake, griddle cake, waffle

DescriptionCarbohydrates (g)Fat (g)Energy kJ (kJ)Energy kcal (kcal)Protein (g)Refined sugars (g)
Bun, deep-fried, filled with jam, sugar coated42,813,613563236,317
Bun, sweet, cinnamon roll50,2111414336814
Bun, sweet, cinnamon roll, sugar coated, industry made51,85,212332928,417
Bun, sweet, cinnamon roll, with custard and icing, industry made465,211042626,714
Bun, sweet, gluten free, with low fat milk (1,5%)48,37,811682773,36,2
Bun, sweet, industry made54,86,313373178,711
Bun, sweet, industry made, with raisins46,65,71170278810
Bun, sweet, skimmed milk469,612973088,39,7
Bun, sweet, whole milk45,911,113493218,29,7
Bun, sweet, with low fat milk (1,5%)45,910,213173138,39,7
Croissant, Danish pastry, plain, industry made43,721,416904048,510
Danish pastry ring, filled with minced almonds3921,615833795,815
Danish pastry, filled with jam, industry made37,917,914463466,915
Danish pastry, with custard filling35,925,816914066,617
Griddle cake, filled, Vestlandslefsa, industry made41,417,214553485,816
Griddle cake, thick, filled, industry made41,519,915583735,721
Griddle cake, thick, no filling51,611,414233386,519
Roll, sweet, with custard, icing and coconut flakes44,68,21183281617
Waffle, with cream or sour cream, without eggs23,516,110942625,20
Waffles, with egg and low fat milk24,98,48632067,14,2
Waffles, with egg and low fat milk, no fat added30,92,97831858,24,1
Waffles, with egg and skimmed milk24,97,78371997,14,2
Waffles, with egg and whole milk24,89,89132187,14,2
Yeast cake, sweet44,46,411622768,93,6
Yeast cake, with dried fruit, Norwegian Christmas cake49,79,41333317712
Yeast ring, sweet, with dried fruit50,69,813683257,314