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On this site you will find comprehensive tables containing nutritional data about over 1500 food items.

This site is now a mix of older pages based on data from 2006 on a few of the individual food pages, kept to avoid dead links, and new data from 2015-09-23 on the category pages with searchable tables, and on the updated individual food pages. You can tell the new pages apart from the old ones by the look of the table and that the new pages have a green, horizontal category link button row (like the one below), whereas the old ones have a blue, vertical link button row.

Being on this page, you should now be isolated from the "old environment" - except if you use the custom Google search below, which will also have old pages indexed. I strongly recommend using the "new" parts of the site which have updated data and are designed for tablets and mobile phones. New pages also work better and are more feature-rich on desktops.


This site was created and is maintained by Svendsen Tech.

Source of the data

The source of the data can be found here. The source is the Norwegian Food Composition Database 2006 (for older pages) and 2015, created by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, The Norwegian Directorate of Health, and University of Oslo, in Norwegian, quality-assured labs. Their site is here. If you want the data, please download it from their web pages, where it's available for download in Excel/CSV format.
The data has been reproduced to the best of my abilities, but I cannot be held liable for errors in the data. Please refer to the original data from The Norwegian Food Safety Authority and affiliates for serious reuse.


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The Mega Food Table

Click here for the complete food database in one table. Beware that it is likely to take some time to load as it is almost 2 megabytes large. I dubbed it "The Mega Food Table".

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NB! This can also provide access to "old" data. See above descriptions for further details.