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How Many Carbs/Calories In Squash seeds, pumpkin seeds

How many carbs/carbohydrates, how many calories, how much fat, how much protein, sugar, fiber, cholesterol, energy, vitamins and lots of other nutritional facts about Squash seeds, pumpkin seeds.

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Category (no unit)   Other dishes, products and ingredients
Subcategory (no unit)   Nuts almonds and seeds
Description (no unit)   Squash seeds, pumpkin seeds
Carbohydrates (g)   12,7
Energy kJ (kJ)   2315
Energy kcal (kcal)   559
Protein (g)   21,8
Fat (g)   45,9
Refined sugars (g)   0
Cholesterol (mg)   0
Dietary fibre (g)   3,9

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