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How Many Carbs In Cake, chocolate, with icing

How many carbs/carbohydrates, calories, fat, protein, sugar, fiber, cholesterol, energy, vitamins and lots of other nutritional facts about cake, chocolate, with icing.

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Cake is a form of bread or bread-like food. In its modern forms, it is typically a sweet baked dessert. In its oldest forms, cakes were normally fried breads or cheesecakes, and normally had a disk shape. Determining whether a given food should be classified as bread, cake, or pastry can be difficult.
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Category (no unit)   Cereals
Subcategory (no unit)   Other cakes etc
Description (no unit)   Cake, chocolate, with icing
Carbohydrates (g)   47,2
Energy kJ (kJ)   1527
Energy kcal (kcal)   364
Protein (g)   5,7
Fat (g)   16,5
Refined sugars (g)   31
Cholesterol (mg)   42
Dietary fibre (g)   2,1

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